Based on a Godot Wild Jam #24 submission, Flock of Ducks is an expanded version of the 2D top-down puzzle game about leading a Duck and her ducklings around grasslands solving relaxing puzzles and working as a team to get back home.

In this revamped version, you can expect reworked controls for better Duck and Duckling handling as well as new music and even more puzzles to enjoy!


WASD/ Arrow Keys - Move Duck/Ducklings

Shift - Toggle between Ducklings and Duck

Space - (While controlling the Duck) Tell the Ducklings to stay in place or call them back to you

E - Pick up keys and unlock locks while holding a key or (while moving into a Box) push/pull Boxes


Music: Shane Chauhan (

Project Manager: GrapefruitChili (@GentleElfGames)

Game Design & Level Design: GrapefruitChili (@GentleElfGames)

Audio/SFX: GrapefruitChili (@GentleElfGames)

Programmer: Jonas

GUI/UI: Jonas

Art: Jonas

License Notice:

Duck quacking sound effect is Licensed under CC-BY 3.0 or later. This is a remix (cutting, amplifying and quantising, fadein/out) of CC-BY 3.0 sound 20130403_duck.04.wav by dobroide and Duck Quack.wav by qubodup)

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