Flock of Ducks is a 2D top-down puzzle game where you lead a Duck and her ducklings around to solve puzzles.

Take control of your ducklings to help solve puzzles, working as a team to ensure the family of ducks makes it safe.

Secret passage wildcard used (see if you can spot it in level 1)


WASD/ Arrow Keys

Shift - Toggle between Duck and Ducklings

Space - Toggle between Calling Ducklings or have them stay


Music: Xicoh_94https://m.soundcloud.com/xicoh94

Project Manager: GrapefruitChili (@GentleElfGames)

Game Design & Level Design: GrapefruitChili (@GentleElfGames)

Audio/SFX: GrapefruitChili (@GentleElfGames)

Programmer: Jonas

GUI/UI: Jonas

Art: Jonas

License Notice:

Duck quacking sound effect is Licensed under CC-BY 3.0 or later. This is a remix (cutting, amplifying and quantising, fadein/out) of CC-BY 3.0 sound 20130403_duck.04.wav by dobroide and Duck Quack.wav by qubodup)



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Love the art style! Sound is good too! A little more guidance would be good to help dumb players like myself, took me a while to work out I could pick up objects :p Great work!