Good morning, general! Today will be quite a different day,  and I'm afraid your carrot cake will have to wait. After millennia of domestication, we're finally striking back against humanity and will reclaim what's rightfully ours... Earth Fluffland!

In this world first take on the Rabbits Taking Supremacy (RTS) genre, explore what it's like to weaponize an ever growing population to reclaim ownership over Fluffland, all the while avoiding civil unrest due to overpopulation.

Place dens, claim special resources and upgrade your bunnies into elite fighters to take the fight to humanity! But beware, a top-secret human agency affiliated with the freemasons has anticipated this bunny bunny revolution for centuries, and you'll have to defeat the human bases.


Clear the level by claiming every land tile. This means that every tile must be consumed. However, make sure that you avoid overpopulation, throwing your bunny population into civil unrest, failing the revolution... 


Claim tiles with natural resources (forest, mountains,  undefended cities) to get Nom resources which you can use to upgrade your units.


  • Left-click to select bunnies
  • Right-click to order selected bunnies around
    • Move on empty tiles or claimed tiles to move your bunnies there
    • Move on enemy military bases to attack those structures.
  • Hold left mouse button and drag to select multiple units
  • Shift+Left-click to select a bunny's upgrade menu. Click the upgrade if you can afford it.
  • WASD or Arrow Keys, to move the camera around the map.


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Version 92 Sep 03, 2021
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Version 93 Sep 03, 2021
Download 34 MB
Version 92 Sep 03, 2021

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